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Best of iTunes | British Podcast Awards Winner

Wooden Overcoats is a podcast sitcom about competing funeral directors on an overlooked channel island. It is a lavishly produced audio comedy in eight episodes from the UK with a host of established and rising names.


From Piffling Matters.

In a Piffling Matters EXCLUSIVE SCOOP, I can reveal that this afternoon on Piffling FM‘s breakfast programme Good Morning, Please Talk To Me (tea-time repeat) host Jennifer Delacroix uncovered a secret plot to smuggle the island’s entire stock of branded t-shirts to our internet sales warehouses in Guernsey, English Channel, and also Guernsey, California.

Piffling tourism may be “somehow” affected, my source tells me.

The Mayor begged me not to do this, but as an “intrepid” journalist I am telling you where you can get what you deserve! Head to www.woodenovercoats.com/shop to buy one of the t-shirts from the photographs what I took myself.


Head to the Wooden Overcoats Shop to buy a t-shirt today.

Silver Winners

The British Podcast Awards launched this year and we are over the moon to announce Wooden Overcoats walked away with Silver in the Fiction category!

Andy, Tom, Molly (writer: Ghost of Piffling Vale), David, Beth and Felix

Andy, Tom, Molly (writer: Ghost of Piffling Vale), David, Beth and Felix

The sold out event took place at The Platform Theatre in King's Cross. The great and the good of British podcasting converged in a room decorated with all the nominees' logos to catch up, meet old friends and new, and engulf canapes. There was free wine.

Tom, Beth and John

Tom, Beth and John

Felix with The Family Tree's Dave Pickering and Jen Adamthwaite

Felix with The Family Tree's Dave Pickering and Jen Adamthwaite

The evening was kicked off by organisers Matt Hill and Matt Deegan, and hosted by Answer Me This! / The Modern Mann's Olly Mann.

Olly Mann

Olly Mann

Check out the full list of winners on the British Podcast Awards' site. Our good friends The Beef & Dairy Network picked up the award for Best Comedy which was accepted by our own Tom Crowley doing his best Ben Partridge impression.

Tom pretends to be Ben

Tom pretends to be Ben

The evening ended with music, dancing, and much more drinking. Congratulations to everyone involved and thank you for the great night!

Images by the British Podcast Awards' official photographer.

Images by the British Podcast Awards' official photographer.

Live Productions

Temperatures are starting to perk up. We're peeping our heads out from the January covers and looking bright eyed for February entertainment. Here's what you can catch live in London this week from the team behind Wooden Overcoats.


The new play by Wooden Overcoats head writer David K. Barnes is storming the Old Red Lion to fantastic reviews.

It's Richard's birthday. The big 4-0. He's throwing a party and inviting all his colleagues. Diane is new to the firm, and, delighted to be asked, she's brought along her boyfriend, Nick, who has promised to be the spirit of party itself. 

There's trifle. Lots of trifle. And nibbles. There's just one problem. 

Nobody else is coming to Richard's party. 

It looks like Diane and Nick are in for a long evening, trapped with their peculiar host and their own worst anxieties. Until, that is, someone does turn up. Someone with a lot of history, and an appetite for revenge.


Starring, among other, Emily Stride - who you'll remember as The Ringmistress in the Season 2 finale. Birthday Suit runs until the 4th of February.



Antigone Funn herself, Beth Eyre, is currently working behind the scenes as a producer on Crocodile written and performed by Joe Eyre*.

Having a child always changes people, especially when your daughter’s a crocodile. A dark comedy about Alan and Jane and their daughter Sarah.

Crocodile runs from 1 - 5 February.


*No relation**
**Well OK, quite a lot of relation. He's Beth's brother.


Producer Andy Goddard turns writer for one-woman show Don't Let Me Down. That woman? Ciara Baxendale!

It’s all fun and games until the balloon says, “Hi”…

The world seems a cold place after the death of her father, but things take a strange turn when Tess receives a special birthday present.

A wry, sweet tragicomedy.

Don't Let Me Down runs from 8 - 12 February.



New podcast alert! New podcast alert! Tom "Chapman!" Crowley takes the hosting reigns on an evening to launch Story Etc.

Live comedy, music and storytelling from some very special guests in a bargain-price fundraiser to to raise funds for a brand new podcast all about making stuff up.


BEN MOOR – has been writing and performing solo theatre pieces for over 20 years, three of which were published as short stories in More Trees to Climb (Portobello Books, 2009). His work for BBC Radio includes the series Elastic Planet and Undone; acting credits include The IT Crowd and Dr Thorne for television, and the films Miss You Already and A Monster Calls.

LAZY SUSAN – Celeste Dring and Freya Parker are Lazy Susan, a sketch comedy duo specialising in doomed people making things worse for themselves. Their three Edinburgh hours to date have been critically acclaimed and beloved by Fringe audiences, and their debut was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards in 2014. Their act has been described as “a breath of comic fresh air” by Fest Magazine and “tender and ridiculous” by The Guardian.

ANNA LOU LARKIN – Armed with an accordion and a baffling array of facial expressions, this adorably twisted Parisienne will tell you stories that will amuse, enchant and bewilder. Anna Lou spent four years as Cabaret Roulette’s resident performer, creating a brand new act every month, while her solo show Anna Lou’s Contes D’amour won a Judge’s Award at Mimetic Festival before going on to the Edinburgh Fringe. “A piece of degenerate filth” – Run Riot

Story Etc.'s fundraiser will be held on 3 February.



And of course, the gang is back together for Wooden Overcoats LIVE on Saturday 4 February. Tickets are selling well so book now to make sure you get your seat.

One Quarter of a Million

Wooden Overcoats episodes have been downloaded over a quarter of a million times as of today.

That's one download for every fourth person in Helsinki, every plug-in car sold in California or every passenger who flew Emirates over the New Year.

The more exposure the show gets, the easier it is to make. Can you think of one person who'd enjoy Wooden Overcoats?

Wooden Overcoats Live at VAULT 2017

Wooden Overcoats Live will be coming to VAULT Festival 2017 for one night only. Book now for Saturday 4 February at 6.10 PM - tickets £9.

Booking Link to VAULT website


VAULT Festival is a six week programme of the very best new theatre and comedy in London. Now in its fifth year, the festival is held in the old Victorian train storage tunnels under Waterloo station. You get there through a different tunnel, the graffiti covered Leake Street where you can see new designs daily, as well as skaters, bikers, photoshoots and music videos. It's all a bit cool.

Photograph by Davide D'Amico

Photograph by Davide D'Amico

Most of our main cast have worked at VAULT at some point and can attest to the incredible experience of being squirreled away underground in a hive dedicated to new work and creativity.

This year, there's even a chance to catch our own Ciara Baxendale in a show written by Wooden Overcoats producer Andy Goddard, Don't Let Me Down.

What's it like at a Wooden Overcoats Live show?

Only two episodes left in Season 2! (Three if you've pre-ordered the Christmas special.) And with that we only have two live shows left. We'll be reading episodes 7 and 8 on Monday 12 December, and then a special Christmas show with mince pies and carols on Monday 19th.

Tickets are going quickly, make sure you book ahead.

With listeners in over 2/3 of the planet, we appreciate that it isn't easy for everyone to get to London. So for those of you who can't, here are a couple of clips from our last live show where we read episodes 5 and 6.

Here's Felix Trench performing To Be An Undertaker from episode 5. Ciara Baxendale was detained for the evening and we're grateful to Abigail Jackson for stepping in as Georgie.

Funerals are only one of Piffling's thriving industries. Alison Skilbeck plays sweetshop owner and constable Agatha Doyle, as well as a host of other characters come live show night. Here she is flooring Tom Crowley.

Rudyard and Antigone Funn are twins born a week apart. But nobody can reduce an audience to tears quite like Beth Eyre.

Pre-Order Rudyard Ruins Christmas Now

Rudyard Ruins Christmas

They're playing carols in Starbucks. Coca-Cola are auditioning lorries. Someone's released a Christmas jumper dress. It can only mean one thing: the holidays are filling up the petrol tank and calling ahead to see if they should bring their own towels.

To celebrate, at the end of Season 2 we will be releasing a whole new episode - a Christmas special, Rudyard Ruins Christmas. The full length episode by Tom Crowley and David K. Barnes brings together all your favourite Piffling islanders for the season of burying people giving.

Rudyard Ruins Christmas is now available to pre-order for whatever you can afford or think its worth - be it a pound or a hundred pounds. All money raised will go right back into the show.


How does it work?

Drop a few quid in our online pot and make sure to fill out your contact details. Then check your e-mail for a secret link and password that will update with the episode on 22 December.

By the way, if you're one of the 410 listeners who donated to our Kickstarter in June, ignore this post! Bask in the knowledge of a job well done. We'll e-mail you as soon as it's out.

Look Who's Back

Season 2 launches in less than two weeks. 

Less than two weeks! 

Episode 1 will drop on Thursday 27 October. To celebrate, we've created some new banners with our core characters and the cast who play them to top our various social media. Look out for them on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And while you're there, dig a little deeper to find the Wooden Overcoats community which is buzzing with opinion, theories, stories, videos and artwork from our super-talented and -creative listeners.

Georgie Crusoe is played by Ciara Baxendale. When Georgie's not tinkering with her moped, she helps out at Funn Funerals - pallbearing, tea-making, coffin-building, she's great at all of them.

Eric Chapman is played by Tom Crowley. Mysterious past notwithstanding, Eric is Piffling's most recent and successful funeral director, beloved by everyone for his charm, sense of fun, and coffee facilities.

Antigone Funn is played by Beth Eyre. Most comfortable in the Funn Funerals mortuary where she prepares both bodies and scented embalming fluids, Antigone is frequently found in the darkest corners... wherein the shadows stretch and coalesce the quaking dusk to an inksome night of despair. She likes toast.

Rudyard Funn is played by Felix Trench. Antigone's twin brother. Officious and jealous, Rudyard's hatred of Eric is driven partly from envy, partly from being driven to the breadline by this new and most unwelcome competition.

One thing we love about audio drama is that there is no fixed character design. Our versions were dreamed up by a certain very talented mouse to illustrate her new book but we're always curious to know what yours look like. Do you have a great idea to share? Let us know!

Photography by Lars Thornhill.


We've already announced some of our new cast for Season 2 but we've held back a couple of surprises we want to let you in on now.

As well as return visits from Andy Hamilton, Alison Skilbeck, Catriona Knox, Paul Putner, Ellie Dickens and others, listen out for:

Caroline Quentin

The Men Behaving BadlyJonathan Creek and Blue Murder star will appear in the very first episode of Season 2, out on 27 October.

Caroline has appeared in Mister BeanHave I Got News For You, Life of Riley and Whose Line Is It Anyway? and was most recently seen as Mrs Bumble in the BBC's Dickensian.

Hugh Fraser

Hastings himself comes to Piffling in episode two of the new season. Outside of Agatha Christie's Poirot, Hugh is known as the Duke of Wellington in Sharpe, and has appeared in films including The Curse of the Pink Panther101 Dalmatians and Patriot Games.

Hugh is also an author, theatre director and one-time performer of the theme tune to ITV's Rainbow.



Katy Manning

Katy Manning joins us for episode 8 of season 2. Katy's career spans three continents across theatre, screen and audio. She has performed her one woman show Me and Jezebel across Australia, and her West End appearences include Run For Your WifeHamletReal Inspector Hound and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Katy played companion Jo Grant with Jon Pertwee in Doctor Who, and reprised the role recently in The Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as in audio.