Wooden Overcoats

iTunes Best of 2015 | Prix Europa 2016 nominee

Wooden Overcoats is a podcast sitcom about competing funeral directors on an overlooked channel island. It is a lavishly produced audio comedy in eight episodes from the UK with a host of established and rising names.

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"Very funny, very British."

Charlotte Locke, WIRED

Adam Buxton’s podcast is sharp and the eight episodes of Wooden Overcoats are inspired comedy.
As good, if not better, than any Radio 4 comedy offering. It’s about rival funeral directors and it’s fab.

John Bungey, The Times

There’s intrigue, romance, violence, mystery - and it’s all done in the style of snap-pace comedy. There are shades of Fawlty Towers, The Black Adder, The Office, and likely a good number of other Brit-coms I’m not familiar with, all while being completely original.
Mark my words; this release of this funny, clever, independently produced sitcom marks a quietly significant moment in British radio comedy, when the BBC networks stopped being the only conduit by which top-rank young writers and actors got their wares to market. It’s not that podcast sitcoms haven’t been made before; it’s that this one is, for the first time, as good as anything you’d hear on Radio 4. Created by a 27-year-old writer called David K Barnes, it’s set on the small (and, I should point out, fictional) Channel Island of Piffling, and centres upon Rudyard Funn (Felix Trench), the stiff-necked director of the island’s only funeral home - who’s seriously put out by the arrival of a dashing, instantly popular new undertaker called Eric (Tom Crowley). Highly recommended.
Raises the bar for podcasting as a whole.