Wooden Overcoats

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Wooden Overcoats is a podcast sitcom about competing funeral directors on an overlooked channel island. It is a lavishly produced audio comedy in eight episodes from the UK with a host of established and rising names.

Audioverse Awards 2018

The skies are grey, the winds are chill, and we’re all working hard on keeping our resolutions (more sustainable padding for the coffins). It can only be awards season!

Every year, the Audio Verse Awards arrive at our audio drama community doorstep as a warming light in the gloom, sprinkling us with their glitz and glamour.

This year, Wooden Overcoats picked up five awards in the Ongoing Long-Form Comedic Production categories and we could not be happier.



For every minute of finished audio, there are hours of John and Andy. From pre-production to blocking the scenes to finding or making the foley to checking the levels to fixing problems to pressing the big record button and then to the long days and nights spent with tea, coffee, endless bounces, and a screenful of soundwaves for company.

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Every second of music was written by the incredible James Whittle. Not only does he compose, he also conducts the orchestra and plays a few of the instruments. From mandolins to church organs, James’ extraordinary breadth of talent is on show throughout Wooden Overcoats. His hot air balloon suite capped off season three. Listen to it here being recorded at All Saints Church in East Finchley, London:

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Antigone Funn has come a long way in three series. She co-owns the business for one thing and she’s much more comfortable with the outdoors than she used to be. Nobody knows Antigone like Beth whose nuanced performance has expertly steered the poor mortician between passion, compassion, and complete exhaustion.

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Every season, David assembles a crack team of writers to bring the world of Piffling to life. Over six months or so, the writers tackle an episode each under his eagle eye and David writes the other four. Edits can happen right up to recording which is why we always keep David on hand in the studio. Wooden Overcoats is an ensemble show; it comes from many different creative brains working together to be greater than the sum of their parts and nowhere is that more obvious than in the way our writers work. This year we were privileged to have writing duo James Hamilton and James Huntrods, Rosie Fletcher, our own Tom Crowley, and Molly Beth Morossa, as well as Alex Lynch who co-wrote our backers-only summer special.

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Thank you everyone who voted for us. The show is an amalgam of many many people’s work. Find out who they are and how they create Wooden Overcoats on our Cast and Crew page.

And thank you to the Audio Verse Awards for organising another terrific year. We encourage all our listeners to look through the full lists of nominees and winners and find your new favourite podcast.


The Summer Special Arrives on 21 June

Grab your goggles, fish out the flippers, and join us next week on our Wooden Overcoats summer holiday! Rudyard Ruins Summer, or, A Handful of Sand by Alex Lynch and David K. Barnes will be available to backers from 21 June 2018.


If you donated to our Season 3 Kickstarter, roll out your towel and stick a hanky on your face for for a few days. You have nothing more to do and we will be in touch with the link details on 21 June.


We're updating how our online Shop works. At present, you can buy the Season 2 Christmas special through a donation of however much you want to pay. 

On 21 June, we're changing that for a "The Specials" item which will give you access to both episodes: Rudyard Ruins Christmas and Rudyard Ruins Summer, again for however much you want to pay.

Summer Special Poster.jpg

The Wooden Overcoats Season 3 Release Schedule

Only one week to go! Season 3 launches on Thursday 22 February with Episode 1: The Loneliness of the Short-Tempered Rudyard by head writer David K. Barnes.

Every #overcoatsthursday from 22/2 to 12/4, we will be releasing a new episode direct to your podcast feed. We think it's the best season yet. We hope you do too.

Have a look through the schedule to see what we have in store.


Who is writing Season 3?

This year's writing team, headed by the magisterial David K. Barnes, is a right treat. The show started writing almost a year ago with fingers firmly crossed that we would hit our fundraising targets. Each episode goes via David and is batted back and forward with adjustments being made right up to and including recording days based on the overall thrust of the season, characters' arcs, and how individual lines sound at the readthroughs.

David K. Barnes is the creator and head writer of Wooden Overcoats, for which his The Bane of Rudyard (Season 1 Episode 1) was nominated for Best European Digital Audio of the Year at the Prix Europa 2016. Other audio credits include Drayton Trench (Wireless Theatre & Snatchback), Outliers (Historic Royal Palaces) and Doctor Who (Big Finish Productions). He also writes comedies for the stage, with credits including the internationally produced Timothy and the Offie-nominated Birthday Suit.

This season, David is the sole writer on episodes 1, 5, 6 and 8, co-writer on the backers-only summer special with Alex Lynch, and script editor on episodes 2, 3, 4 and 7.

Follow David on Twitter: @velvetbarnes
Find out more about David's work: www.davidkbarnes.com

Rosie Fletcher is a writer, broadcaster, podcaster, occasional stand-up comedian, and former professional Girl Guide. A regular voice on Radio 4, her series for The Film Programme, Rosemary vs the Rom Com, was broadcast throughout Summer 2017. She is half of the long-running podcast Rosie and Jessica’s Day of Fun and wrote Random Mouse and Island of Passion for Wooden Overcoats’ Piffling Lives strand. A contributor to the New Statesman and the Observer, Rosie is currently writing a children’s book.

Rosie wrote episode 3 of Season 3.

Follow Rosie on Twitter: @rosieatlarge
Find out more about Rosie and Jessica's Day of Fun: www.rosieandjessica.co.uk

James Hamilton is a triple award winning comedy writer and sketch comedian, best known as the creator of both critically acclaimed UK sketch troupe Casual Violence and podcast sitcom Hector Vs The Future - the latter of which he co-wrote with his writing partner James Huntrods. He works as a regular staff writer on Cartoon Network’s BAFTA winning The Amazing World of Gumbal, credited on 55 episodes across its fourth, fifth and sixth seasons. Alongside the venerable Mr Huntrods, he has written for shows including Disney's upcoming Space Chickens In Space. He is currently developing new shows for television and the internet.

James co-wrote episode 2 of Season 3 with James Huntrods.

Follow James on Twitter: @jameshamilton
Find out more about James' work: www.jameshamiltoncomedy.co.uk 

James Huntrods graduated with an MA in Scriptwriting from Central School of Speech and Drama. His sitcom Blue Sky Thinking won The Sitcom Mission and has since gone into development with Hat Trick and Comedy Central. His new sitcom Kate the Great is in development with Balloon Productions. He also writes for theatre with short plays at Arcola, Bush, Southwark Playhouse, Theatre 503 and New Diorama, as well as writing three plays for the Edinburgh Fringe. With James Hamilton he co-wrote comedy podcast Hector vs The Future as well as writing episodes of Cartoon Network’s The Amazing World of Gumball.

James co-wrote episode 2 of Season 3 with James Hamilton.

Follow James on Twitter: @jameshuntrods
Find out more about James' work: www.jameshuntrods.com

Molly Beth Morossa is a multi-award award winning performer, writer, theatre maker and cabaret artist. Her first solo show, Carnival of Crows, was nominated for four awards with one win at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012. Her latest show, Greywing House, won the Spirit of the Festival Award at VAULT 2016 after touring the UK in 2015 and being in residency at The Old Red Lion as part of a double bill of her solo shows. Her podcast work includes writing on The Unseen Hour and performing in Hector Vs The Future. Molly is a regular on the London cabaret scene and can often be seen at It's YOUR Funeral.

Molly wrote episode 7 of Season 3.

Follow Molly on Twitter: @MBethMorossa
Find out more about Molly's work: www.mollybethmorossa.co.uk

Alex Lynch is a comedy writer whose BBC Radio 4 credits include The News Quiz and his narrative sketch series, Expenses Only. Alex writes, produces and hosts the retrospective parody podcast, All Glory, for SOAP (on-soap.com). Alex has also written commercials for Picturehouse Cinemas, and two short films: Mugged (also as co-producer) and Jack & Jill (nominated for Best Comedy at LOCO and London Short Film Festival 2016). He is also a performer, having trained in long-form improvisation at the Free Association, and is currently working on his debut solo character show: Dead Air.

Alex co-wrote the backers-only summer special with David K. Barnes.

Follow Alex on Twitter: @AlexJRLynch
Follow All Glory on Twitter: @AllGloryPod

Tom Crowley has written for Cartoon Network's The Amazing World of Gumball and BBC Radio 4's The Now Show and The News Quiz. As part of comedy group Sad Faces, he performed in and co-wrote six Edinburgh Fringe shows between 2008-2015 as well as the group's Radio 4Extra series Four Sad Faces in 2008. He has adapted several children's classics including The Princess and the Pea and The Tin Woodman of Oz as children's stage comedies for Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells, where he is currently an Associate Artist. He is the writer of the stage adaptation of the Rocky Horror sequel, Shock Treatment, which premiered at the King's Head Theatre in April 2015. Most recently, he directed his own modernised adaptation of Charles Dickens's Great Expectations as the Old Red Lion Theatre's Christmas show for 2017. The adaptation's text was published by Methuen to coincide with this production. And he plays Eric.

Tom wrote episode 4 of Season 3.

Follow Tom on Twitter: @crowleeey

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The Name of the Kickstarter Mini-Series

The mini-series scripts are being given a final polish before recording. In a few weeks, we will launch our Season 3 Kickstarter! If you've donated before you'll know that we release a new mini-series episode every £2,000. There are five in total. We've been batting names back and forward and are now fizzing to tell you that this year's will be called:

Our last mini-series, Piffling Lives, focused on the stories of some the non-funerary characters of Piffling. For Funn Fragments, we are right back in with the coffins with Rudyard, Antigone, Eric, Georgie and Madeleine.


Now that David is swimming in Season 3 scripts, we needed a crack team of writers for Funn Fragments and for the first time Piffling history, we've gone international.


We've tapped the shoulders of some of the very best from the worlds of radio comedy and podcast drama.

BEN COTTAM is a writer from Lancashire best known in the audio world for the Radio 4 sitcom Plum House (starring Simon Callow and Jane Horrocks), a second series of which records next year. He also has a forthcoming drama series The Latvian Locum airing later this year on the same channel. He has written for a variety of shows (including Cartoon Network's The Amazing World of Gumball) and has a number of sitcoms in development. Twitter: @thisisbencottam

CHRISTOPHER HOGG (Wooden Overcoats Season One Episode Two: Flowers for Chapman) is a playwright, storyteller, ex-stand-up comedian, technologist and librettist. He is presently a Teaching Fellow at Royal Holloway, where he teaches Creative Social Media. He counts audio drama as a key area of his work. Christopher's latest play Rathband went to number one in the iTunes Arts Podcasts in April. To get to know him better, follow him on Facebook, where he spends far too much time. 

ALEX LYNCH is a comedy writer with BBC Radio 4 credits which include The News Quiz and his narrative sketch series, Expenses Only. Alex writes, produces and hosts the retrospective parody podcast, All Glory, for SOAP (on-soap.com). Alex has also written commercials for Picturehouse Cinemas, and two short films: Mugged (writer/co-producer) and Jack & Jill which was nominated for Best Comedy at LOCO and London Short Film Festival 2016. He is also a performer, having trained in long-form improvisation at the Free Association, and is currently working on his debut solo character show, Dead Air. Twitter: @AlexJRLynch / @AllGloryPod

LAUREN SHIPPEN is the writer and creator of the science fiction podcast The Bright Sessions. Since its debut in November of 2015, the podcast has won numerous awards, was named iTunes Best of 2016 and has been featured in Vox, Popular Science, WIRED, The London Evening Standard among others. The podcast is currently in development as a TV series by Universal Cable Productions and Dark Horse Entertainment. On top of her writing work, Lauren also has acted in numerous podcasts - including her own - as well as short films and web series. She has a degree in music from The College of William & Mary. Lauren is a New York native and now resides in Los Angeles. Twitter: @laurenshippen

GABRIEL URBINA is a Costa Rican-American writer, filmmaker, and lover of weird stories. He is best known as the creator and executive producer of Wolf 359, a Webby Award-nominated science fiction audio drama series. When he’s not too busy taking dictation from the voices in his head, Gabriel does a bit of teaching, has strong opinions about movies, and sleepwalks an alarming amount. He lives in Brooklyn. Visit his personal website or follow him on Twitter.  


From Piffling Matters.

In a Piffling Matters EXCLUSIVE SCOOP, I can reveal that this afternoon on Piffling FM‘s breakfast programme Good Morning, Please Talk To Me (tea-time repeat) host Jennifer Delacroix uncovered a secret plot to smuggle the island’s entire stock of branded t-shirts to our internet sales warehouses in Guernsey, English Channel, and also Guernsey, California.

Piffling tourism may be “somehow” affected, my source tells me.

The Mayor begged me not to do this, but as an “intrepid” journalist I am telling you where you can get what you deserve! Head to www.woodenovercoats.com/shop to buy one of the t-shirts from the photographs what I took myself.


Head to the Wooden Overcoats Shop to buy a t-shirt today.

Silver Winners

The British Podcast Awards launched this year and we are over the moon to announce Wooden Overcoats walked away with Silver in the Fiction category!

Andy, Tom, Molly (writer: Ghost of Piffling Vale), David, Beth and Felix

Andy, Tom, Molly (writer: Ghost of Piffling Vale), David, Beth and Felix

The sold out event took place at The Platform Theatre in King's Cross. The great and the good of British podcasting converged in a room decorated with all the nominees' logos to catch up, meet old friends and new, and engulf canapes. There was free wine.

Tom, Beth and John

Tom, Beth and John

Felix with  The Family Tree 's Dave Pickering and Jen Adamthwaite

Felix with The Family Tree's Dave Pickering and Jen Adamthwaite

The evening was kicked off by organisers Matt Hill and Matt Deegan, and hosted by Answer Me This! / The Modern Mann's Olly Mann.

Olly Mann

Olly Mann

Check out the full list of winners on the British Podcast Awards' site. Our good friends The Beef & Dairy Network picked up the award for Best Comedy which was accepted by our own Tom Crowley doing his best Ben Partridge impression.

Tom pretends to be Ben

Tom pretends to be Ben

The evening ended with music, dancing, and much more drinking. Congratulations to everyone involved and thank you for the great night!

Images by the British Podcast Awards' official photographer.

Images by the British Podcast Awards' official photographer.

Live Productions

Temperatures are starting to perk up. We're peeping our heads out from the January covers and looking bright eyed for February entertainment. Here's what you can catch live in London this week from the team behind Wooden Overcoats.


The new play by Wooden Overcoats head writer David K. Barnes is storming the Old Red Lion to fantastic reviews.

It's Richard's birthday. The big 4-0. He's throwing a party and inviting all his colleagues. Diane is new to the firm, and, delighted to be asked, she's brought along her boyfriend, Nick, who has promised to be the spirit of party itself. 

There's trifle. Lots of trifle. And nibbles. There's just one problem. 

Nobody else is coming to Richard's party. 

It looks like Diane and Nick are in for a long evening, trapped with their peculiar host and their own worst anxieties. Until, that is, someone does turn up. Someone with a lot of history, and an appetite for revenge.


Starring, among other, Emily Stride - who you'll remember as The Ringmistress in the Season 2 finale. Birthday Suit runs until the 4th of February.



Antigone Funn herself, Beth Eyre, is currently working behind the scenes as a producer on Crocodile written and performed by Joe Eyre*.

Having a child always changes people, especially when your daughter’s a crocodile. A dark comedy about Alan and Jane and their daughter Sarah.

Crocodile runs from 1 - 5 February.


*No relation**
**Well OK, quite a lot of relation. He's Beth's brother.


Producer Andy Goddard turns writer for one-woman show Don't Let Me Down. That woman? Ciara Baxendale!

It’s all fun and games until the balloon says, “Hi”…

The world seems a cold place after the death of her father, but things take a strange turn when Tess receives a special birthday present.

A wry, sweet tragicomedy.

Don't Let Me Down runs from 8 - 12 February.



New podcast alert! New podcast alert! Tom "Chapman!" Crowley takes the hosting reigns on an evening to launch Story Etc.

Live comedy, music and storytelling from some very special guests in a bargain-price fundraiser to to raise funds for a brand new podcast all about making stuff up.


BEN MOOR – has been writing and performing solo theatre pieces for over 20 years, three of which were published as short stories in More Trees to Climb (Portobello Books, 2009). His work for BBC Radio includes the series Elastic Planet and Undone; acting credits include The IT Crowd and Dr Thorne for television, and the films Miss You Already and A Monster Calls.

LAZY SUSAN – Celeste Dring and Freya Parker are Lazy Susan, a sketch comedy duo specialising in doomed people making things worse for themselves. Their three Edinburgh hours to date have been critically acclaimed and beloved by Fringe audiences, and their debut was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards in 2014. Their act has been described as “a breath of comic fresh air” by Fest Magazine and “tender and ridiculous” by The Guardian.

ANNA LOU LARKIN – Armed with an accordion and a baffling array of facial expressions, this adorably twisted Parisienne will tell you stories that will amuse, enchant and bewilder. Anna Lou spent four years as Cabaret Roulette’s resident performer, creating a brand new act every month, while her solo show Anna Lou’s Contes D’amour won a Judge’s Award at Mimetic Festival before going on to the Edinburgh Fringe. “A piece of degenerate filth” – Run Riot

Story Etc.'s fundraiser will be held on 3 February.



And of course, the gang is back together for Wooden Overcoats LIVE on Saturday 4 February. Tickets are selling well so book now to make sure you get your seat.