Wooden Overcoats

Best of iTunes | British Podcast Awards Winner

Wooden Overcoats is a podcast sitcom about competing funeral directors on an overlooked channel island. It is a lavishly produced audio comedy in eight episodes from the UK with a host of established and rising names.

Season 2 Kickstarter: Friday 27 May


Hey, you planning another season? I've listened twelve times and need more Antigone in my life!

We are planning another season.

It will be eight episodes long.

Antigone is in it.

She is so in it.

We've got recording dates set, cast confirmed. We've got a team of writers - some from the last season, some fresh faces that we're very excited about. We've got episode titles and a story arc. We've got drafts and drama. We've even booked the studio.


We're going to have to raise some money to get there. The official Wooden Overcoats Season 2 Kickstarter will launch on Friday 27 May.

How much do you need?

We're raising £10,000. That is the cost of Season 2.

We're still doing a few sums to get it as low as possible but we're pretty sure the Kickstarter ask will be for the region of £7,000 - £8,000. The rest we'll raise through our live shows here in London.

We've got great rewards planned. Like. Seriously good. You've seen news of our live shows and events throughout the year in different London venues. Fans who can't travel to us ask us all the time if there are recordings of these they can buy. Well, expect to see some of those popping up in the list, as well as some other great surprises. (Did someone say world-building? Someone definite said wor- What no shut up.)

But didn't you make Season 1 on two shillings and a wine gum? 

We had a lot of help. We are and always will be grateful to everyone involved. Many brilliant brilliant people volunteered their time because they, like us, believe there's space for radio-quality programming outside of the traditional broadcasters. That making great work with radio drama and radio comedy professionals shouldn't be a pitching lottery and waiting times of months or years.

And Wooden Overcoats is a success. It shows that is can be done. Now the onus is on us to make sure everyone involved is paid a fair wage for their time and skills. We work in a city of enormous creative talent, talent which is constantly exploited by companies asking creatives to work for free while the companies themselves either rake in profits or spend their budgets on lavish productions. As a free podcast, our revenue stream is fundraising. We intend to use that properly.

We'll be updating you here and through our Twitter about what's coming up in the Kickstarter so keep an eye out.


Who caught the Wooden Overcoats live gig at Pint-Sized on Monday?

Pint-Sized is a regular night of new writing in London. This last one was at the Pleasance in Islington and we were delighted to be invited down to round off their excellent night with the opening fifteen minutes of Episode 1.

Ciara Baxendale, Tom Crowley, Beth Eyre and Felix Trench were all there, with head writer David K. Barnes giving his Madeleine. They played to a packed house of 260 new listeners.

Read the review here.

And follow Pint-Sized on Twitter: @Pint_Sized_