Wooden Overcoats

Best of iTunes | British Podcast Awards Winner

Wooden Overcoats is a podcast sitcom about competing funeral directors on an overlooked channel island. It is a lavishly produced audio comedy in eight episodes from the UK with a host of established and rising names.

Kickstarter Countdown: FOUR DAYS TO GO


What's that? Feasting in the coffins? Bunting in the mortuary? Paper spades in the windows? It can only be our favourite holiday period: SEASON 2 KICKSTARTER WEEK.

We're going to be raising £8,000 of the total £10,000 we need to make Season 2, with a campaign that launches Friday. The rest we'll make through live fundraisers here in London. 

We've been beavering backstage to put together tremendous rewards, filming among the tombstones, analysing past Kickstarters with teams of analymice (they have pencils behind their ears and teeny-tiny graph paper), and getting very very excited. Someone's wearing a jaunty hat.

Odinn Orn Hilmarsson, Liz Campbell and David K. Barnes on location

Odinn Orn Hilmarsson, Liz Campbell and David K. Barnes on location

To celebrate, we're letting you in on a reward a day until we go live!


You need a break. You work 9 - 9, eight days a week, commuting through miles of backed-up camels and caravans, smog and smoke, red faced bosses and anaemic coffee machines...


The first reward we want to tell you about is the Official Visit Piffling Brochure, packed full of extra information about the island and beautiful designs (including some from a talented local biographer). This document was put together by the staff at the Piffling Vale Tourist Centre (yes, both of them) with content submitted by individuals and local businesses all over the island. Delve deeper into the world of Piffling Vale with the official brochure.

Make your next holiday a Piffling holiday.

See you tomorrow for our second Kickstarter Reward drop!