Wooden Overcoats

Best of iTunes | British Podcast Awards Winner

Wooden Overcoats is a podcast sitcom about competing funeral directors on an overlooked channel island. It is a lavishly produced audio comedy in eight episodes from the UK with a host of established and rising names.


As of this week, Wooden Overcoats episodes have been downloaded over one hundred thousand times. The show has been heard in one hundred and thirty five countries, that's over two thirds of the countries on the planet!

Photograph by Sam Edwards

Photograph by Sam Edwards

We're very chuffed. Still no word from Antarctica though. If anyone's got a lead, hello@woodenovercoats.com 

Since we finished our Kickstarter, in which you raised over £10,000 to make Season 2, David and the writers have been working furiously on the scripts to get them up to scratch. We'll be having our first readthrough toward the end of August, recording in September, editing over the first half of autumn and releasing episode one just before Hallowe'en.

Meanwhile, one of our producers has been working on another podcast sitcom. 

Hector vs The Future is out now and going out over the summer. As well as Andy Goddard producing, look out for some familiar guest voices along the way.