Wooden Overcoats

Best of iTunes | British Podcast Awards Winner

Wooden Overcoats is a podcast sitcom about competing funeral directors on an overlooked channel island. It is a lavishly produced audio comedy in eight episodes from the UK with a host of established and rising names.

The Name of the Kickstarter Mini-Series

The mini-series scripts are being given a final polish before recording. In a few weeks, we will launch our Season 3 Kickstarter! If you've donated before you'll know that we release a new mini-series episode every £2,000. There are five in total. We've been batting names back and forward and are now fizzing to tell you that this year's will be called:

Our last mini-series, Piffling Lives, focused on the stories of some the non-funerary characters of Piffling. For Funn Fragments, we are right back in with the coffins with Rudyard, Antigone, Eric, Georgie and Madeleine.


Now that David is swimming in Season 3 scripts, we needed a crack team of writers for Funn Fragments and for the first time Piffling history, we've gone international.


We've tapped the shoulders of some of the very best from the worlds of radio comedy and podcast drama.

BEN COTTAM is a writer from Lancashire best known in the audio world for the Radio 4 sitcom Plum House (starring Simon Callow and Jane Horrocks), a second series of which records next year. He also has a forthcoming drama series The Latvian Locum airing later this year on the same channel. He has written for a variety of shows (including Cartoon Network's The Amazing World of Gumball) and has a number of sitcoms in development. Twitter: @thisisbencottam

CHRISTOPHER HOGG (Wooden Overcoats Season One Episode Two: Flowers for Chapman) is a playwright, storyteller, ex-stand-up comedian, technologist and librettist. He is presently a Teaching Fellow at Royal Holloway, where he teaches Creative Social Media. He counts audio drama as a key area of his work. Christopher's latest play Rathband went to number one in the iTunes Arts Podcasts in April. To get to know him better, follow him on Facebook, where he spends far too much time. 

ALEX LYNCH is a comedy writer with BBC Radio 4 credits which include The News Quiz and his narrative sketch series, Expenses Only. Alex writes, produces and hosts the retrospective parody podcast, All Glory, for SOAP (on-soap.com). Alex has also written commercials for Picturehouse Cinemas, and two short films: Mugged (writer/co-producer) and Jack & Jill which was nominated for Best Comedy at LOCO and London Short Film Festival 2016. He is also a performer, having trained in long-form improvisation at the Free Association, and is currently working on his debut solo character show, Dead Air. Twitter: @AlexJRLynch / @AllGloryPod

LAUREN SHIPPEN is the writer and creator of the science fiction podcast The Bright Sessions. Since its debut in November of 2015, the podcast has won numerous awards, was named iTunes Best of 2016 and has been featured in Vox, Popular Science, WIRED, The London Evening Standard among others. The podcast is currently in development as a TV series by Universal Cable Productions and Dark Horse Entertainment. On top of her writing work, Lauren also has acted in numerous podcasts - including her own - as well as short films and web series. She has a degree in music from The College of William & Mary. Lauren is a New York native and now resides in Los Angeles. Twitter: @laurenshippen

GABRIEL URBINA is a Costa Rican-American writer, filmmaker, and lover of weird stories. He is best known as the creator and executive producer of Wolf 359, a Webby Award-nominated science fiction audio drama series. When he’s not too busy taking dictation from the voices in his head, Gabriel does a bit of teaching, has strong opinions about movies, and sleepwalks an alarming amount. He lives in Brooklyn. Visit his personal website or follow him on Twitter.