Wooden Overcoats

Best of iTunes | British Podcast Awards Winner

Wooden Overcoats is a podcast sitcom about competing funeral directors on an overlooked channel island. It is a lavishly produced audio comedy in eight episodes from the UK with a host of established and rising names.

The Summer Special Arrives on 21 June

Grab your goggles, fish out the flippers, and join us next week on our Wooden Overcoats summer holiday! Rudyard Ruins Summer, or, A Handful of Sand by Alex Lynch and David K. Barnes will be available to backers from 21 June 2018.


If you donated to our Season 3 Kickstarter, roll out your towel and stick a hanky on your face for for a few days. You have nothing more to do and we will be in touch with the link details on 21 June.


We're updating how our online Shop works. At present, you can buy the Season 2 Christmas special through a donation of however much you want to pay. 

On 21 June, we're changing that for a "The Specials" item which will give you access to both episodes: Rudyard Ruins Christmas and Rudyard Ruins Summer, again for however much you want to pay.

Summer Special Poster.jpg