Wooden Overcoats

Best of iTunes | British Podcast Awards Winner

Wooden Overcoats is a podcast sitcom about competing funeral directors on an overlooked channel island. It is a lavishly produced audio comedy in eight episodes from the UK with a host of established and rising names.

Rudyard Funn

"Now look here!"

Proprietor of failing family firm Funn Funerals. Misanthropic but motivated, Rudyard takes pride in getting the body in the coffin in the ground on time, no matter how many grieving relatives he offends in the process.

He is ruthlessly determined to get the better of his vastly more popular rival Eric Chapman, and expends most of his energies in failing to do so.

Antigone Funn

"What – no – shut up!"

The morbid mortician at Funn Funerals, Rudyard’s twin sister is highly skilled and prone to nihilism. She’s fiercely proprietorial of her mortuary, in which she spends most of her time, and designs scented embalming fluids for fun.

She also hides a passionate, perverted lust for her competitor, Eric Chapman, though is much too socially awkward to do anything about it.

Georgie Crusoe

"I'm great at building carousels."

Capable assistant and general dogsbody, Georgie can do anything that Funn Funerals requires without breaking a sweat. She’s an especially keen mechanic, though is proficient at quite literally everything.

Georgie is carefree and chilled-out as a rule, though will physically attack people without hesitation (when requested).

Eric Chapman

"Enjoy yourselves!"

A newcomer to Piffling, Eric Chapman has firmly established himself as the island’s most popular resident. He runs his own funeral home immediately opposite Funn Funerals and his upbeat celebratory services have reinvigorated the social scene.

Cheerful, funny and incredibly handsome, Eric is nonetheless haunted by a mysterious past: “a long time ago..."


"Squeak squeak!"


Rudyard’s only real friend in the world is the mouse that lives in the skirting board, who provides him with much needed emotional support. What Rudyard doesn’t know is that Madeleine is also a budding author, with high hopes that her Memoirs of a Funeral House Mouse drawn from day-to-day events will become a Sunday Times Bestseller.

Reverend Nigel Wavering

"We are gathered here today..."

Nigel Wavering is an agnostic vicar, given to interrupting his own services to spark off debates on the existence of God (and if nobody takes the bait he’ll happily argue with himself). A key figure in the local community, Nigel sits on the village council and has been in a warm and loving relationship with Mayor Desmond Desmond for a little while now.

Piffling Vale

"We're very nearly a town!"

The village of Piffling Vale is found on the island of Piffling, a landmass exactly 1 mile in diameter located in the English Channel. It has a hall, a flower market, two funeral homes and a Mayor (oddly enough). Despite its size, the village is deceptively well stocked with other establishments and amenities, though mobile phone signal is only available in the vicar’s bathroom.

The size of the population is larger than you’d imagine, and the locals are friendly, open-minded and keen to experiment. If you know what we mean.